Adam Asher joins Nora Speakman for an episode of her podcast, “Re-Tell Your Story.”

I was privileged recently to appear on Nora Speakman’s podcast “Re-Tell Your Story.”


Nora is a web show host and author who clearly loves to spur and inspire positive change in the lives of those she meets. She’s a gifted leader, communicator and encourager with a passion for bringing people together … and helping them overcome the challenges that are holding them back.


During this interview on her show, Nora asked me some pointed questions about my past, my pain, and my perspective on such things as adventure and purpose. I gave straight answers. And in the process, I hope to have shed a bit more light on what it means to go … #BeyondStatusQuo.


Life is full of joy and pain. If you’ve had any trouble embracing either of these, I’d encourage you to give this episode of Nora’s podcast a listen.


For more: NoraSpeakman.com.


Podcast available below … or on Apple Podcasts.



Adam Asher



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