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St. Gregory’s Foundation: Russia and Georgia | Podcast

St. Gregory’s Foundation supports vulnerable children and families in Russia and Georgia, providing education, opportunity, needed supplies, and life-changing mentorship to those in crisis. Jane Jones shares their loving determination to protect those at risk as she joins me for

Ubora: Tanzania | Podcast

The team at Ubora serve the people of Tanzania, East Africa. They provide educational opportunities and healthcare. They train forward-thinking leaders and entrepreneurs For decades now, they've built lasting, life-changing ties to the rural communities of the Siha District there. Dave Burgess

Birthing Kit Foundation Australia | Podcast

Birthing Kit Foundation Australia provides birthing kits and education in safe birthing practices to women birthing at home in remote regions of the developing world. Mercy Oloo and Kate O'Fathartaigh join me from Adelaide to share their vision for women

Monde par la Main: Give a Hand | Podcast

Monde par la Main (Give a Hand) is the bridge between those who serve the poorest communities in the world and those who seek to support them. Daniel Lalande, founder and president, joins Adam Asher for this edition of The

Well Aware: Africa | Podcast

Well Aware funds and implements life-saving water systems, driving economic development and empowering communities in East Africa. Sarah Evans, their founder, joins me for this edition of the podcast, discussing their amazing commitment to the beautiful people of this region. Get to

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