The Significance in a Snapshot

It was 1998. I was in Central America.

This guy was under the care of some great folks at an orphanage. He was quite a character. And he seemed to enjoy my company. 

That was nearly 22 years ago. But I still remember his sense of humor. He made me laugh. And the time I spent listening to him and laughing at his antics … mattered.

When it came time for me to leave after about a week there, he insisted that I take this picture. It was important to him. So of course, I gave my camera to someone and posed for the photo. 

Late 1998 in Central America. Soon after Hurricane Mitch.

But it’s taken till now for me to see the significance of such a simple moment.

He knew he’d never see that photo. It wasn’t for him. 

He wanted me to have it. So I wouldn’t forget him.

It’s been a long road since that day. 

But I haven’t. 


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  • Anita Couto

    We never forget those precious moments that matter!
    Thank you for sharing Adam!

    May 30, 2020at7:54 pm

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