“EDGE” Receives Telly Award for Online Documentary Series

Last Fall a friend of mine suggested that I enter The Edge of Adventure video series into a few competitions. “Your work is really good,” she insisted. “I think you’d be recognized, and I bet you’d win.”

I recall sitting there over coffee feeling flattered. And stubborn.

“Thank you so much,” I told her. “You’re a pro in this business, so it means a lot to me that you think so.”

But on the inside, I was thinking about how I didn’t do any of this for an award. How I didn’t even know what awards to look for or submit. How I never want my motivation in life … or on Edge … to be the pursuit of an award, or attention, or recognition. So I told her why I was reluctant.

She understood. But she also challenged me to look at it all a little differently. “It’s more exposure. It’s more people who will see the series. And if you win,” she pointed out, “It’ll just open more doors for you.” 

She gave me a list of a few upcoming competitions. So I gave it some thought. Then I took her advice. And here we are, months later, the recipients of the Silver Telly Award for Online Documentary Series.

I am both honored and appreciative. I thank this friend of mine who pushed me just a little. I thank the judges for the time they spent reviewing all the entries. I thank all of those who worked on this project with me. Those who put up with me during this process. And those who have believed in me … and in this vision. A vision for something that’s much bigger than an award, much bigger than a video series … and so much bigger than me. 

The adventure continues. The momentum builds. And I’m sure glad you’re on this journey with me. 

Together we go … #BeyondStatusQuo.


Additional honors received recently:

Silver at the Anthem Awards

Communicator Award of Distinction

Gold at the w3 Awards.

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  • Dorothy

    Beautiful and thank the Lord for your friend being the voice so the Lord can get His mission out in more places .

    September 15, 2021at10:09 am

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