“Fear vs. Courage” | Adam joins Angela Abide for a special edition the “The Deepening Place” Podcast

Angela Abide recently reached out to me with an invitation to be on her podcast. I agreed, of course, after getting to know her and witnessing what a genuine person she is and how very much she cares for others. But it took us till now to coordinate our schedules. And I am really glad we did.

In this special edition of her podcast called “The Deepening Place,” Angela and I discuss the current Coronavirus crisis, delving into such things as danger, fear, and bravery.

I was truly impressed by her skills as a podcaster and as counselor. She truly cares. And it shows.

Please give this one a listen. And as you stay safe out there, I ask you please … to stay brave.

Stream the podcast from Angel’s website here. Or on Spotify.

And be sure to check out all she offers at AngelaAbide.com.

Adam Asher

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