Keep the Dream 196: South Africa | Podcast

With 11 official languages, South Africa is a melting pot of peoples, tribes, and traditions. With wildlife that includes elephants, lions, and rhinoceri. Coastlines where you’ll find great white sharks, penguins and whales. Three capital cities. Two Nobel prize winners. Incredibly diverse landscapes. And the highest bungee jump in the world.

But I find even more significance in the work being done in this part of the world by those who are giving of their time, talent, and their skills … to serve others. People like Louise Batty, an Aussie who has dedicated her life to a rural region of South Africa called Tzaneen.

I find significance in organizations like Keep the Dream 196 that are helping to change lives and bring much-needed hope in very challenging circumstances. Thanks for joining me today as we travel to “The Land of Silver Mist” in the lush, tropical mountains of Limpopo. To discover Keep the Dream 196 and to meet a woman who serves there … because love compels her.

Their website for more details: KeepTheDream196.com

Time to go … #BeyondStatusQuo.



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