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In the News: Jetset Times

I enjoy using Twitter because it’s an exceptional way to meet new people and discover new brands. I must admit that I didn’t originally “get” Twitter when I first opened my account, when I first launched Edge. But I can...

La Pérdida Frecuente

La pérdida frecuente de todo lo que tengo,    Me rompe y regresa al lugar de donde vengo.       Te pierdo de repente sin poderme preparar,    Me dejas de costumbre sin dejarme acostumbrar.       La pérdida frecuente de mi tierra y la paz,    A cambio de la guerra...

Ends of the Earth: Kenya | Podcast

In the last 10 years, SERV International has provided more than 16 million nutritious meals to those who need them desperately. Under the leadership of their CEO and Founder Steve Kasha, SERV has brought hope and life to some of...