Tea Leaf Trust: Sri Lanka | Podcast

Tim Pare, co-founder at Tea Leaf Trust, joins me to discuss this organization’s inspiring efforts to provide educational and employment opportunities for the young people of tea-picking families in Sri Lanka.

Behind every cup of tea that we enjoy is a family working hard to provide a life for themselves and their children. Opportunities and options are often hard to come by. And many are suffering. When confronted with this fact, as you’ll discover in this episode, Tim and his wife chose to do something about it.

One of the most noteworthy things from this interview is Tim’s pride in his team. He doesn’t brag about his own accomplishments. He is instead grateful to have been a part of theirs.

It’s a look at devastating need and determined compassion. On this edition of The Edge of Adventure podcast.

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Learn more about the amazing organization we’re featuring: TeaLeafTrust.com

As together we go #BeyondStatusQuo.



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  • Yolande

    I work with Tim in NZ. He is ever humble and constantly inspiring , and I didn’t know half of this . A reminder about how the spark to help can turn into something amazing . 🙏

    July 28, 2021at6:22 am

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