GoGirls ICT: South Sudan | Podcast

On today’s edition of The Edge of Adventure podcast, we travelto the nation of South Sudan, and the capital city of Juba, to talk today with both the co-founders from GoGirls ICT, Eva Yayi and Yine Yenki. These impressive ladies grew up in this part of Africa. They care about the people there dearly. And they have put their skills to use, helping to bring hope and peace to the region.  

In particular, they seek to offer the young women of South Sudan the opportunity to excel in sciences and math, helping to equip them with the skills they need to impact their communities and the world.

Today’s topic: Information and communication technology. And the difference it makes when it’s put to use for good.

Additional details: GoGirls ICT

As together we go #BeyondStatusQuo.



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