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The Edge of Adventure is dedicated to those who serve and genuinely love people who find themselves vulnerable, overlooked, forgotten, and suffering. People in need. The podcast and the video series take us around the world to places that are hard to get to, places that are off the grid, in countries far from home.

But this is Thanksgiving, an American holiday, and there is much need here in this country, too. So I thought it fitting to turn our attention to an organization in the U.S. that loves and serves those who are suffering from homelessness. As we count our blessings and give thanks this year, as Americans who indeed have so much to be thankful for, let’s remember our brothers and sisters whose lives are not easy: The nearly 600,000 nationwide who have no place to call home.

My guest today is Todd Feske, Founder and CEO of Walking with a Purpose Minnesota. He knows what it’s like to be homeless. And he has chosen to live his life in service to others.

Additional details: WalkingWithaPurpose.org

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here on The Edge of Adventure.



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