The Significance in a Snapshot

It was 1998. I was in Central America. This guy was under the care of some great folks at an orphanage. He was quite a character. And he seemed to enjoy my company.  That was nearly 22 years ago. But I still

La Pérdida Frecuente

La pérdida frecuente de todo lo que tengo,    Me rompe y regresa al lugar de donde vengo.       Te pierdo de repente sin poderme preparar,    Me dejas de costumbre sin dejarme acostumbrar.       La pérdida frecuente de mi tierra y la paz,    A cambio de la guerra

Ends of the Earth: Kenya | Podcast

In the last 10 years, SERV International has provided more than 16 million nutritious meals to those who need them desperately. Under the leadership of their CEO and Founder Steve Kasha, SERV has brought hope and life to some of

Every Country Road

He would have been 45 today. But he passed away when we were 21. We had been the best of friends since the age of 8. I was devastated by his loss.    We grew up in a very different time. We

New Heights: Kilimanjaro | Podcast

Adam Asher talks Kilimanjaro with Vanessa Ball of WandersMiles.com.   Vanessa is an avid traveler and adventurer. She's been around the world, always looking for those adventures that bring a challenge. Her passion for discovering new places and meeting new people shines

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