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Edge Video Podcast – Nicaragua Update: Tanya Mroczek-Amador

Adam Asher gets a brief update from Tanya Mroczek-Amador on the continuing crisis in Nicaragua, sharing news from the Organization of American States and the U.S. Senate. Recorded on August 3rd, 2018.   Connect with Tanya Mroczek-Amador:   Twitter: @amador_OEA Facebook: Facebook.com/tanya.mroczekamador Web: CornerOfLove.org     SUBSCRIBE Apple Podcasts |...

#SOSNicaragua: Press On | Podcast

Adam Asher talks with Carl David Goette-Luciak, an international journalist currently filing reports from Nicaragua for The Washington Post, The Guardian, the BBC, and Radio La Ciudadana. In this episode, Carl provides an update on the crisis there as he...